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Italian, artisanal, timeless. The PAOLI handbag brand manages with class and elegance to enclose and reinterpret the typical beauty of made in Italy in its creations with sophisticated lines, quality leathers and shapes that continue to flourish season after season.

Produced exclusively in Tuscany, PAOLI combines the mastery of local craftsmanship, in a close and continuous dialogue with the territory of origin, with the charm of a timeless and sophisticated design. Iconic bags that are always in step with the times: their strong identity makes them always perfect, despite the passing of the years and trends.

Alessio Paoli, founder and creative director of the brand, has been carrying out his project every day since 2017 with determination and professionalism, always ready to develop new ideas, experiment with new technologies while respecting the environment. In fact, he wanted to combine six values in a single large container, PAOLI: craftsmanship, luxury, sustainability, art, style, made in Italy. Six keywords that are intertwined with exclusivity in a young company but at the same time strong in its history and roots.

PAOLI bags are made like works of art: unique pieces to show off at any occasion, to combine with many different looks, to be handed down. In balance between past and future, the brand finds its identity in a new interpretation of luxury: now surrounded by mass products and a prevailing homologation, PAOLI follows a different, alternative path, which leads to originality, personalization, to the creation of special bags because they are unique. The craftsmanship is alive, you can touch it with your hand between top quality leathers, fine details, shapes and accessories that are inspired by travel items from the past.

Like the Mini Paolina Hat Box that recalls in its lines the historic travel hatbox, now proposed by the brand in leather, with clip closure, to be carried by hand or over the shoulder, or the iconic 900′ Classic Bag with rectangular geometric shapes and bamboo handle. Small chests where Italian design and workmanship play a fundamental role, managing to give a new and proper version of tradition.

Discover PAOLI bags and choose his unique, unrepeatable and elegant pieces.

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