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“I’m unique, I’m yours and I’m n°” This short sentence captures the essence of a brand that believes in the eco-sustainability and preciousness of the unique piece. In creating something unique. Peekaboo! and its eco-sustainable jewels are handcrafted, combining recycled aluminum, crochet, ancient and more modern techniques.

One different from the other, one typical and special in its own way. Peekaboo! jewels they are original, colorful and ecological. From the scraps of aluminum cans, wool, eco-leather and different textures, the founder & designer of the brand Silvia Lanfranco creates really interesting accessories. More or less large, they play and find their winning combination in the contrasts of colors and materials.

An innovative, contemporary conception of jewelry that breaks away from conventions in search of a new way of being precious. Large but very light, the Peekaboo! they can be combined with different occasions and looks. Worn by many women, different as jewels. Collars with bright or more neutral nuances, maxi earrings, pendant necklaces, cascades of fringes: each piece is assigned a number, handwritten on the packaging that as a contemporary casket (obviously ecological) will keep the jewel.

Research, experimentation and a strong focus on the environment are integral parts of a creative process that finds its source of inspiration in the material itself. Recycling, material cleaning, painting, crochet… Each step is taken care of in detail, it is handmade. The ancient collar buttons are vintage, a touch of class that signs and closes the creations: decorative if worn on the front, functional worn on the back.

The passion with which Silvia makes her Peekaboo! it is evident and tangible in them. Nothing is left to chance, details included. Tailored jewels, sewn together with savoir-faire and yes also a lot of patience. Because you know, well done things are made to wait. They need time to be designed, built, completed. Give a touch of originality and color to your looks and have fun discovering and choosing your Peekaboo! jewels.

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