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Post Tradition | accessories that escape definitions

Post Tradition, an aesthetic with a strong aesthetic impact yet with no short-term expiry date. A brand launched in 2016 by Nicola Damian, Luisa Rasia and Fabio Bosello with the aim of creating luxury products that embrace the world of fashion and design in a transversal way.

The Post Tradition collections, entirely made in Italy, are timeless and are always open to customization, to fit the identity and spirit of those who wear them.. A conceptual approach and only apparently minimalist that finds its maximum expression in the Chorda collection, a multifunctional line of body accessories made of metallic fibers.

Chorda consists of ten accessories in seven two-colour combinations creating a contrasting striped effect. Each piece is defined by a number from 01 to 10 (and not by name) because the same piece can be worn in different ways. Chorda accessories can be wrapped, adjusted, tightened and loosened around the body and be worn in different ways every time

This is why we call them multifunctional accessories and this is why Chorda is a collection of unconventional accessories that do not require a definition.Post Tradition, for those who love to stand out with refined details, unpublished, enigmatic. For info post-tradition.com

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