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Work in progress, this is the logo of the Press at Work Matteo Pressamariti brand, which also bears the name of its founder & designer. Shoes with an urban spirit that enclose past memories and familiar moments in a street aesthetic. Afternoons spent in the garage with his father, who worked aluminium, and his friends ready to modify and personalize their beloved scooters in their “small personal workshop”. Captured moments, framed in the mind and now signed in his collections.

The ideas, the ingenuity, the manual work of those distant times are translated today into the inspiration and the creative project of a young but already aware and strong brand. The sportswear style for Press at Work Matteo Pressamariti represents a process made of research and attention to detail, where each element is measured and built in perspective of a shoe capable of identifying a handmade novelty.

The art of making has always followed him, accompanied by a strong passion for the world of clothing that led him to cut, mix and reinvent “stolen” garments in the family closets. His studies at the IED in Milan, his recognition as one of the best students of the 2015 academic year, his work as assistant designer for Susana Traca, the Tx3 award as one of the seven best talents on a national scale and then his exclusive brand.

Starting from basic forms Matteo arrives at exclusive creations, rich in details. As when he used to make up mopeds trying to make them special, so now Matteo reinterprets a great cult like sneaker with avant-garde and personality, winking at the 90s. White or black, high or low, they are made of calfskin with a voluminous rubber sole and a play of tear-away inserts. The typical steel toe cap of work shoes is taken out, applied on the outside of the shoe as decoration and application.

A footwear to keep up with, indeed to overcome, the times. Discover here the Press at Work Matteo Pressamariti shoes.

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