Ascensione Mustard Bracelet

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Ascensione Mustard Bracelet – Peekaboo!. Bold pop tops and shiny crochet for a rigid bracelet.


  • Material: Aluminum – Viscose
  • Dimension: 20 cm.  (or custom-made)
  • Handmade in Italy
  • One of a kind


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Peekaboo! is a Made in Italy sustainable collection of handmade jewelry that combines recycled aluminium and crochet, where this ancient tradition meets modern materials and colouring techniques. Each piece is unique. The buttons that lock the necklaces and bracelets on every piece are vintage, different and accurately chosen as a signature of the artisan, they are not only functional but also decorative: you may wear it on the back of your neck as a simple latch or it could be worn on the front as a jewel motif. Starting from the recycling and cleaning process on the material, through varnishing and crocheting, every passage is handmade, studied and tested in order to be resistant, washable, well-finished in style and durable. Every piece is given a number, written by hand on your packaging, which highlights its uniqueness and progression in time. And it is sustainable: the aluminium obtained from cans is recycled and not bought, stainless, seasonless and extremely lightweight. It’s revised and decorated in order to take on ethic and aesthetic value. Every Peekaboo! is marked by its logo lasered on a small medal extracted from old vynil records. Yarns and materials used for crochet are all of the best quality and made in Italy. Peekaboo! jewels unique in their kind is the powder coating that I apply to aluminum. It is extremely resistant, qualitative, washable with water but above all sustainable, because it is totally free of solvents and products harmful to the skin and the environment.

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