Athena Gold-plated Ring


Athena Gold-plated Ring – Vintouch. Athena ring is part of the ultimate Roma collection, inspired by the Greco-Roman world. Made from 18-karat gold-plated silver, it features an antique coin depicting Athena – the Greek goddess of Wisdom – that has been wrapped in a silver ribbon that adds the piece an element of authentic uniqueness. Presented in a plastic-free Vintouch signature packaging, wear it either daytime or night, or gift them to a special friend.


  • Material: 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 4 g
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Made in Italy


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Founded in 2015, Vintouch is an Italian jewellery brand that celebrates the heritage of craftsmanship and design and defines the tradition of Made In Italy worldwide. Based in Torre del Greco, Naples - homeland of coral and cameo jewellery manufacturing - Vintouch collections focus on a contemporary approach to classic jewels design through the use of high quality raw materials and traditional techniques that are passed down from father to son. Always trying to strike a balance between design and manufacturing excellence, Vintouch creates jewellery pieces that are aimed to those who aspire to express a style that lasts over time, focusing on ethical resourcing of the raw materials and pursuing environmental sustainability in each step of the manufacturing process. The founder, Alessandro Ricevuto, had the passion for jewellery running in his blood growing up in his father's jewels workshops where he has got in touch with the magical charm of traditional goldsmith techniques. A lifelong traveler, Alessandro's deep passion for Art, History and Graphic Design made the inspiration of each pieces of the brand, including the iconic hand-carved from porcelain cameos. Maniacally curated in their smallest details, Alessandro's creations bring to life small mementos for the Women whose style and identity is inevitably their own.

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