Atlantis Necklace

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Atlantis Necklace – Dea Rail. Handmade necklace in burnished sterling silver with precious stones: yellow sapphires and black diamonds. Chains in gilded, burnished and rhodium-plated 925 silver. It can be worn loose as a long necklace or as a choker by winding the chains several times in the silver ring. “In front of the Pillar of Hercules, there was an island larger than Libya and Asia together. In later times […], as extraordinary earthquakes and cataclysms occurred, in the space of a day and a night […] the Atlantis island disappeared in the the depths of the sea.” Plato.  Any small imperfections express the value and authenticity of the jewel.


  • Material: burnished sterling silver with natural precious stones, rhodium and gold plated sterling silver chains
  • Size: one size – length 77 cm / 30,5 inches
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Made in Italy


Made to order and ready in maximum 15 working days. Please note that customized, tailor-made products cannot be returned.

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Dea Rail







The curiosity of the designer Giorgia De Angelis for the mystic and the surreal world led her to imagine each collection as a journey through mysterious places and past eras, mythical or real. It is from this image that the brand name derives, associating the initials of the surname, De Angelis, to the word Rail recalling the concept of journey. The Dea Rail jewel brings with it the story of that imaginary journey enriched by the charm of ancient artisan techniques. The craftmanship of the products is a brand prerogative that minimizes the use of prefabricated and excludes automatic technological interventions to make its creations real sculptures to be worn. Made by hand in all stages of the creation, from the wax sculpting to the metal finishing, the sterling silver and gold plated jewels are enriched with precious and semiprecious natural stones. Each collection comes from a process of research into the history that inspired it, making Dea Rail jewels evocative objects that convey knowledge while adorning the body in a sexy, precious and magnetic way. All jewels are consciously handmade in Rome, Italy

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