Bellariva Merino Wool Black


Bellariva Merino Wool Black – Lungomare. 100% Merino Wool made in Italy shirt. A new and modern interpretation of the shirt; for him and for her the same shirt, a fluid and light garment worked with special techniques to give shape to a “weightless” stockinette stitch fabric. The vast choice of colors enriches and enhances the wearability, a modern “over line”; a ductile and timeless piece. A shirt that pays great attention to eco-sustainability and daily well-being, light and comfortable, a unique piece to wear at any time of the day.


  • Material: 100% Merino Wool
  • Made in Italy


Ships in 4/5 days









Lungomare was born on the beaches of the Riviera Romagnola and is particularly linked to the reality of Rimini, where food, culture and traditions suggest the idea of a summer that seems to never end,whose roots are connected with those of the brand. An Italian name, but citizen of the world. A positive, informal noun that recalls memories like a run on the sand, a piadina enjoyed at the beach, or bicycle rides keeping the sea to your right. And yet, the colorful explosion of the seaside in summer but also the fascinating melancholy that it offers in winter, the scent of maritime pines, the warmth of the sun on the skin and the sound of the waves. If it is true that everything flows quickly, the present then becomes a precious value, to be exalted, and the power of change, both internal and external, is combined with the beauty of what resists: Lungomare stands at this crossroads, with the aim to create clothes, handicrafts and design items that goes beyond the mere concept of time and seasons, spreading a new idea of real and reality. There is only the value of the experience that we always carry with us and the nostalgic, but conscious union, between contemporaneity and memories, where each piece is born to be worn and re-worn. Perfect now, tomorrow and forever. Lungomare loves Italian style, its design and its craftsmanship, without however forgetting to keep its eyes, mind and heart facing the world."

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