Denise Grey Scarf

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Denise Grey Scarf – I Rocchi Cashmere. Wide cashmere wrap. A very versatile accessory that cannot be missed in each and every wardrobe, as it both protects from cold and adds a particular flavour to your outfit. Craft production, 100% Made in Italy. 


  • Material: 100% cashmere
  • Weight: 220 gr
  • Measures: 60 x 210 cm
  • Made in Italy


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I Rocchi Cashmere







I Rocchi Cashmere. The story begins with a family that produces cashmere and precious yarns clothing since 1977. An artisan family company which has cashmere in its DNA, Carlo and Anna Maria started their business producing high quality knitwear which eventually led to cashmere garments production. Every single piece is entirely Made in Umbria and it is realized by skilled and extremely capable hands. Very important has been the entrance into the company of Saulo and Adria, son and daughter of Carlo and Anna Maria, who launched I Rocchi Cashmere brand and who brought in their 2.0 vision. The abandonment of the private label and a “think global, act local” approach are just a couple of examples of the changes operated, including a green approach to the whole production. Mission is to guarantee the highest quality on raw materials and production, with particular attention to a timeless and beyond fashion design of the pieces. Tradition and innovation walk together and complete each other to realize the best possible product that still values a people oriented dimension.

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