Gin Mini Hoops Earrings


Gin Mini Hoop Earrings – Carolina Ravarini. The “Gin Mini Hoops” earrings are suitable for every person, because they are simple but super chic. The elephants with the trunk up are an ancient symbol of good luck.


  • Mini gilded silver earrings
  • Metal: 925 sterling silver with 24k gold plating
  • Circle diameter: 1cm / 1.5cm
  • Stone size about 0.8cm / elephant size 0.9cm x 1.2cm / budai size 0.9cm x 0.9cm
  • Nickel free, hypoallergenic
  • Elephant in resin
  • Stones: agate (pink and blue), quartz (green), coral (pink)
  • Made in Italy


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Carolina Ravarini







Carolina Ravarini’s jewelry distinguishes itself by the constant presence of a “point of yellow”; every piece was designed to bring a little bit of sun with it. Even in the creations in which there are no stones, the “point of yellow” can be seen in the shape or the inclination of the material, specifically made this way in order to reflect light - connected to positivity - and radiate beauty in whoever wears them. The stones come from all over the world and are personally selected by the designer. Every jewel is made by hand in Italy by experienced hands, in order to guarantee the high quality of made in Italy. Carolina Ravarini began her path when she was 12 years old, manually joining the stones she selected through the sensations they gave her and the light they created, and donating them for charity events. Carolina grew up surrounded by art, design and nature. She graduated in law but continued to coltivate her passion for jewelry and the continuous research of the “point of yellow” in each material she used. In 2013, thanks to a series of lucky coincidences, the Carolina Ravarini brand was born.

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