Staybasic Winter Edition


STaybasic Winter Edition – Simone Tessadori. STaybasic is the answer to the existential question that grips all women in the laziest days: “what am I wearing today?”, “As an alternative to …” and “what do I combine this with?” That’s why we created #STaybasic winter edition! Made of extra-fine stretch virgin wool, one more fabulous than the other, it will be the perfect choice for an easy but at the same time super classy look! Drop shoulder, tapered long sleeves and side slits to be able to reimburse it only on the front or as you like it! One blouse, infinite personalities and possibilities of use!


  • Material: 98% wool 2% elastan
  • Size: from 38 to 52
  • Made in Italy


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Simone Tessadori







Simone Tessadori, born in 1992, founded his brand in 2016 and in a very few seasons he managed to define his stylistic identity in a decisive way. After graduating in Fashion Design at the Politecnico di Milano, Simone Tessadori collaborated with several companies in the fashion sector including Hugo Boss. In 2016 Simone Tessadori began developing his personal collection expressing his concept of exclusive luxury through a maniacal search for fine fabrics and materials, attention to detail and a casual style, but with a strong character, aimed at all those women who wish to dress the fashion with a strong personality. Know-how is the complete knowledge of the garment production cycle: from the design of the model, to the choice of fabrics, to the cut and the packaging. Clean cuts, welldefined volumes, wide and long-line silhouettes with particular attention to the choice of materials for each garment, are at the center of design project: a collection in which natural elegance is enhanced by refined craftsmanship details, without never lose sight of intelligent comfort. The perfect balance between beauty and uniqueness makes the brand a real Made in Italy flag: design and production of each creation are carried out entirely by hand in Italy. The materials used, of the highest quality, are carefully selected from Italian suppliers with a long and important artisan tradition. The woman who inspires the designer has a natural and innate elegance, never artificial, she is passionate about art, history, craftsmanship, moves gracefully and nonchalantly, pursuing her passions and her business!

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