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Der Aesthetik is born in Italy in 2019 and is inspired by “Vorschule der Aesthetik”, written by the German psychologist and statisti- cian Gustav T. Fechner on 1860. By his research and his work on psychophysics he catched the formula that regulates the relationship between physical stimulus and feeling, between material and soul. The origin of Der Aesthethik expresses a multicultural and globalized vision of the brand, where the Italian matrix is contaminated with European culture, to open up to the metropolis of the world. The nature of Der Aesthetik is that of a small artisan production that gives life to an international luxury brand. The mission of Der Aesthetik is to encourage the development of productions based on the value of work, on respect for human relations and the environment, and on the conservation of human’s knowledge. Gold, the material par excellence, expresses the identity of Der Aesthetik through an absolute and indisputable value. Each gold element is made in certified goldsmith laboratories, which guarantee its authenticity. The key concept in the brand’s philosophy, is expressed through the choice of the highest quality materials. The production process, entirely handcrafted, is born and developed in small workshops in central Italy, where ancient knowledge survives, handed down from generation to generation.

The project is born in 2019  from the entrepreneurial skills of Federico Aragrande born in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1981, and technical fashion product skills of Marianne Cancrini, born in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1986. Both coming from two different backgrounds and two different courses of study, Federico businnessman in the real estate, predisposed to philosophy, sociology and design and Marianne fashion advisor , graduated to the European Institute of Design in 2011 combine their skills to create Der Aesthetik.