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Silvia Guarnieri is an architect and a designer. From the passion for manual drawing and modeling of organic forms she has come to architecture. She has worked for several years as a residential architect, but love for designing objects has led her to approach the industrial design. She participated in the contests, winning some and collaborating with several companies. In this path she had the pleasure of knowing very different materials and products. The desire to return to a more artistic dimension coupled with the will to control the entire production process, have pushed her to open a craft laboratory. Here she has the pleasure of experiencing porcelain processing. This simple, ancestral and noble material rejoined her with her primitive passion.

Today, in her studio, she creates jewels very different from each other, but always strictly handmade. The production process involves several stages: each piece, after drying, is baked at 950°, glazed and cooked again at 1250°. Some pieces are placed in the oven for a third cooking through which gold, platinum, etc … glitter can be attached to the glossy surfaces. The jewels are contemporary and fully express the Made in Italy but at the same time they have an international language. They do not go out of fashion and transmit their value over time.