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Vu Elle Jewels is the young made in Italy jewellery brand, born from the passion and the talent of the designer Valentina Lucarelli. “If dreams come true” is its motto, the soundtrack that best describes the experience and story behind this label and its founder. Vu Elle Jewels was created following a memorable journey that struck and profoundly changed Valentina and her professional journey: after a major in Law, in the summer of 2016 in Portugal she met a young gallerist and goldsmith, from whom she was inspired to realise her project. With courage and determination, Valentina finally brought her dream to life, having contained it for too long: to design jewellery and launch a brand. She attended the intensive course in “Bijou and Jewellery Design” at the Costume and Fashion Academy in Rome, in this way obtaining a deepened knowledge of the business and dedicating herself particularly to jewellery creation, for the most part using silver.

Vu Elle Jewels distinguishes itself by its essential and refined design that is versatile and easy to wear and combine. Artisan pieces worked by hand up until the last detail, perfect for the woman in search for an elegance that is simple and sophisticated but contemporarily fresh and new. Gold, silver, natural and precious stones all get mixed together and find their balance between classicism and modernity, innovation and tradition. Clean, sinuous lines design a jewellery that evolves in time: starting from the first collection “Less is More”, Vu Elle Jewels continued with a more luxurious collection, then arriving at the “last born”, Perolas.