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  • Caftan Trench Coat – Yojiro Kake

  • Origami Bellini Pink Shirt – Yojiro Kake

  • Origami Bellini Shirt – Yojiro Kake

  • Origami Classic Shirt – Yojiro Kake

  • Origami Peacock Skirt – Yojiro Kake

  • Origami Wings Shirt – Yojiro Kake

  • Silk Black Turban with Ribbon – Yojiro Kake

  • Silk Turban with Ribbon – Yojiro Kake

  • Squarish Top – Yojiro Kake


Yojiro Kake is a Japanese designer based in Florence. Yojiro Kake graduated with honors, received the “Polimoda Talent” award after his presentation at the Polimoda final show in 2012 Florence Italy. During Milan Fashion Week, exhibited at the Mauro Grifoni Store in Milan and was a great success. He collaborated with “Class hair academy” in Prato, as an Italian representative and designed the costumes in the form of performances such as his first fashion show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 2014.

After he worked for Roberto Cavalli, the logo of label Yojiro Kake has registered officially in Italy then approved as a legal company in March 2016. The representative design of Yojiro Kake is the three-dimensional shape created with patterns which are incorporated origami techniques with elements of Italian architectures and arts.