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  • Sale! Akiko Skirt - Chiara Perrot. Pencil skirt lined in silk mikado.

    Akiko Skirt

    276.00 193.00
  • Sale!

    Aisha Skirt

    183.00 146.00
  • Ami Blazer - Maria Sapio Knitcouture.

    Ami Skirt

  • Sale! Armonia Skirt - Simone Tessadori. Armonia, as you can also guess from the name it bears, represents the harmony of shapes and inlays of delavè lace. This pencil skirt is actually  a classic Tessadori icon and also the kind of fit that perfectly mixes rigor with a whispered sensuality.

    Armonia Skirt

    265.00 199.00
  • Asia Skirt

  • Bice Ebany Skirt

  • Bice Mori Skirt

  • Bice Verona Skirt

  • Dress-Overcoat - Carmelina Raco. Suit consisting of jacket and trousers skirt where the separation between outerwear and skirt vanishes, looking like a single suit-overcoat in a red fabric with reflective fibers and a Scottish pattern.


  • Elsa Ebany Skirt

  • Elsa Mori Skirt

  • Elsa Verona Skirt

  • Ma Vie a sustainable and fresh clothing brand. A slow fashion that follows an ethic of intelligent consumption and a timeless style.

    Franca Skirt

  • Frida Skirt - Ma Vie. Long flared skirt in recycled polyester and cotton

    Frida Skirt

  • Ina Skirt - Maria Sapio Knitcouture. Machine weave & hand knitting.

    Ina Skirt

  • Sale! Long Sweatshirt - Gcds. Hooded sweatshirt. Logo in fuchsia color. Made in Italy.

    Knee length skirt

    310.00 180.00
  • Sale! Lina Skirt - Tarea Studio. Midi skirt with elastic waist.

    Lina Skirt

    275.00 137.00
  • Sale! Lokya Cloud Skirt - Bav Tailor for Ob-Fashion

    Lokya Cloud Skirt

    496.00 248.00
  • Sale! Lokya Cloud Skirt - Bav Tailor for Ob-Fashion

    Lokya Cloud Skirt

    364.00 182.00
  • Yekaterina Ivankova London skirt blue

    London Reworked Skirt

  • Maud Skirt - Ma Vie. Print inspired by Maud Wagner: the first woman tattoo artist in the world.

    Maud Skirt

  • Origami Peacock Skirt – Yojiro Kake

  • Sale! Panels Jacquard Pencil Skirt - A-Lab Milano. Panels jacquard pencil skirt with wavy band and deep side opening for a comfortable walk. Zip on the back.

    Panels Jacquard Pencil Skirt

    190.00 142.00
  • Sale! Polinnia Skirt - Simone Tessadori. A bit of an initiator, a bit of a social evening wear, this flared skirt, in addition to being incredibly versatile, hides in its arsenal some hidden tricks such as the pockets that perfectly combine comfort with elegance! The double belt in silk is the cherry on top!

    Polinnia Skirt

    310.00 232.00
  • The Al Skirt green

    Skirt – The Al

  • Sale! Skirt London Skyline - Valentina Poltronieri. Printed skirt that, looking open, recreates the London skyline.

    Skirt London Skyline

    205.00 143.00
  • Sale! Skirt Los Angeles Palm - Valentina Poltronieri.

    Skirt Los Angeles Palm

    220.00 154.00
  • Sale! Skirt Rainy Days - Valentina Poltronieri. Raindrops made with a silver yarn paint this skirt.

    Skirt Rainy Days

    260.00 182.00
  • Doublesplit Skirt - Roberta Audibert. High-waisted skirt with side splits on the hips. Contrasting patterned lining finished with corners. Side zip on the left. Length below the knee.

    Doublesplit Skirt

  • Jo Skirt - Giovanna Quaratino. Unique skirt  made with original fabrics from the 70s and 80s. Handcrated in Italy 

    Jo Skirt