Rewop Milano | the ability to distinguish oneself

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Rewop Milano: an eyewear brand that’s young, fresh and…strikes at the first glance! The brand that is an anagram of power, created in its base town Lombard in 2015, really has all its cards on the table to never pass unobserved. And in fact, it got itself noticed immediately.

A new Italian style, well-defined, that wrings the eye with captivating design and indisputably high quality: Rewop Milano glasses actually represent the innovation of the made in Italy, a look to the future bringing with it the best of local handcraft traditions. A luxury street style framed with refined shapes and materials, Mazzucchelli acetate and CR39 lenses; every glance is valorised, protected and dressed in an exclusive accessory, alive with strong character and personality.

Equipping and chosen by fashion bloggers, top models, buyers, experts of the sector and not, this very Italian emerging brand is a unique combo of inspiration and design. Gritty, very light and resistant, Rewop Milano are really the perfect glasses for those who seek something exclusive, for all the Hims and Hers who aren’t scared to dare. They follow the face line, enhancing the contours whilst never failing to protect the eyes.

New styles, new visions. Of glasses, of life. Models and lenses play with different shapes and tones, ranging from the round, hipster, slightly vintage Ischia frames to the more square and futuristic Stromboli model. Then there are the geometries of the Capri, the avant-garde Cayman and Murano with their delicate and playful gradients: iconic glasses, reinterpreted with freshness and vivacity in the nuances of pink, yellow, green, blue.

For whoever thinks they’ve seen it all…you’re very wrong! Have a peek here: Rewop Milano, there’s a new brand in sight!!

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