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Always committed in launching the best of the new Italian creativity, Altaroma introduces a new initiative to this Summer edition of Rome Fashion Week that puts under the spotlight local brands: Rome Is My Runway will present two special collective shows with designers coming from the Lazio region. The title of the project, which is also the slogan of the event, represents an important occasion where the brands can show their collections at the Capital.

The title of the project, that is also the slogan of the event, is the emblem of the fundamental role of the eternal city in inspiring the new designers, thanks to its endless creative energy, that are involved by its profound and ecletic charm, proposing a fashion full of suggestions, tradition, and contrasts.

Rome Is My Runway #1 will be staged on the 6th July 2019 and will reunite the following brands: Antonio Martino, Caterina Gatta, Caterina Moro, Programma, and Vanta Design Studio; while Rome Is My Runway #2 brings together on the 7th July 2019 the labels: Aroma 30, Gall, Italo Marseglia, Morfosis, and Roi Du Lac.

ANTONIO MARTINO Antonio Martino is a brand that symbolizes the elegance and excellence of Made in Italy. An unmistakable style and the expression of an unconventional luxury that manifests itself in shirts, garments, day-dresses, cocktails and evening-dresses.

CATERINA GATTA The Roman fashion designer Caterina Gatta lives, studies, and works for her passion. Since 2011, she began to develop her own fashion project, under the registered trademark Caterina Gatta, personally taking care of all creative, organizational and management aspects. The idea of her own clothing line made from vintage fabrics of renowned designers such as Gianni Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Lancetti, Givenchy, Valentino, Ungaro, and many others, comes from the passion for fashion that draws on past to project into the future: not any traditionalist taste, just the need to rediscover through colors, patterns and prints, a typical Italian creativity that seems to have disappeared within a new generation of designers.

CATERINA MORO Caterina Moro is a Rome-based designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology and music Heritageand a Master degree in Haute Couture. She started her fashion career in 2015 and her first demi- couture capsule collection was presented in 2017 during the Italian Fashion Graduate, marking the debut of the brand. Her pieces are characterized by a refined tailoring research and an experimental approach to fabrics and techniques.

PROGRAMMA is an artisanal product entirely designed and produced in Italy and its design is characterized by traditional craftsmanship, tailoring details and modern creative process. The philosophy of the brand is very sensitive towards the ethical aspect within the fashion industry, using sustainability in every aspect of its work from fabric sourcing to textile innovation and fair paid job within the clothing factory. The brand is a continuous flow of ideas that is channeled from the decision-making- process; like a code, a language, it is written by its intrinsic

VANTA DESIGN STUDIO Vanta Design Studio is a creative project entirely made in Italy that through the ethical perspective of impact zero makes its own aesthetic and ideological revolution inside the streetwear universe. Thanks to the archives of the most prestigious Italian textile companies, unused fabrics and materials intended for disposal, find a new form and meaning. The garments are made of recycled material and entirely handcrafted; repeatable but always different. Vanta Design Studio believes in sustainability, designing clothes that contributes to the “recycling revolution”.

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