ROSASPINA FIRENZE | a poem of carvings and pastel nuances…

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Dreaming of a rose garden and feeling the nice breeze of its fragrance on the skin, memories of moments never lived and the hope of a future yet to be welcomed… Rosaspina Firenze jewels recall a dreamlike beauty that has the taste of those sweet “Once upon a time”.

Swarovski crystals and precious stones delicate as petals adorn a sophisticated femininity, by a graceful movements..

A praise to flowers, too beautiful to see them wither, Rosaspina Firenze makes them live forever with the silhouettes of its jewels. Founded in 2008 as a specialized laboratory, the brand flourishes in 2013, year in which its first collection comes to life.

Words become finishes, ink ideas on paper and the stylistic expression of the brand is made indisputable in its care for every detail. A design, almost soft at the sight with a stinging style that leaves its mark. Modernity and tradition embrace each other in hand-made accessories by expert Italian artisans … a fairy tale all made in Italy.

Macramé bracelets and earrings made of “blind glass”: pastel shades are laidad hoc on carvings achieved through sophisticated materials, they animate unique, rare creations. The brand is indeed specialized in the “tailor made” service to accommodate the peculiar taste of every lady Rosaspina. A nostalgic breeze poetically wraps these modern memorabilia that feed off history, ancient techniques, a timeless charm to crown the woman of today, the contemporary woman who has a clear idea of ​​where she wants to go but does not forget where she comes from.

The experience, craftsmanship and quality that have always distinguished the brand accompany it in the design of the new models; that is how the soul of Rosaspina blossoms in accessories of a genuine romanticism, between rings and necklaces of an opulent appeal, to be worn with evening gowns or to give a bon ton touch to a more casual look.

Aphrodisiacs, the pieces of the maison’s collection seduce and amaze with their sweet savoir-faire, do not linger and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Rosaspina Firenze jewellery.

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