Rowen Rose | couture creations for a theatrical elegance

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From Paris to Milan passing through a brand, passing through Rowen Rose. Designed in France and created in the Milanese city, the creations of this emerging semi-couture brand dress the woman with glsmour and femininity Refined garments, sophisticated volumes, eye-catching prints, details that leave a mark turn on the lights on a brand that has certainly not been slow to get noticed and noted, by experts in the industry and not.

Cinema, art, culture but also irony, unscrupulousness and so so much beauty. Vintage touches peep into sculptural and sartorial silhouettes, reshuffling the cards and defining a new time. Poetic visions inspire and trace the typical Rowen Rose style, contemporary but at the same time rich in quotes and son of a past that does not lack references.

1996 child, born to a family with Spanish, Polish and French origins, Emma Raphaëlle Rotenberg, known as Emma Rowen Rose, is the founder and designer of the brand. Her handmade creations choose high quality materials celebrating a chic elegance and a powerful woman but at times mysterious, androgynous, complex, that is to say extravagant.

The scenographic and theatrical appearence are the fil rouge of collections pervaded by art, where the creative process is not made only of design but of writing, imagination and style. The FW 2019/20 collection, Double Jeu – Double Dealing, is based on the Sacha Guitry’s film Le Roman d’Un Tricheur (1936) which tells the story of a man who succeeds only when he cheats: in adulthood he starts cheating in casinos , feigning different rich identities in order to enter and becoming richer than the rich.

So the Rowen Rose women, in an atmosphere that wants to recreate a casino, interpret different personalities, false, others: between a mix & match of elements of the 20s, the 80s and recalls of Art Deco, the exclusive identity of the brand finds its way among old typographies, representative colors and an original elegance that oscillates between clumsy bourgeoisie, glam and eccentricity.

Rowen Rose? A beauty with a classic soul but a unique style. Discover the FW 2019/20 collection. For info & contacts

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