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There is a place, indeed a brand, where fashion and architecture meet. Sahara Roma, its name.

The new brand of luxury made in Italy bags was born in 2019 from the professionalism and talent of the two architects Luca Garattini and Alessandra Bertoli. Elegance, research, quality… Like small precious caskets, these exclusive accessories preserve the refined Italian style.

The Sahara Roma are the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and substance. Small modern sculptures: beautiful to look at, exciting to wear. Far from trends and homologation, these creations explore a different dimension, go beyond the ordinary, seeking and finding in the uniqueness a fundamental characteristic of one’s being. Nothing is the same, nothing seems, everything is unique.

In fact, the very young brand aims to design and create exclusive, iconic objects inspired by the classical architecture of Rome and the perfection of the forms of Nature.

A modern craftsmanship that finds its starting point in handmade manufacturing, the white sheet on which to write one’s own story. Already from the first Dune model, a tribute to the desert and its shapes, the stylistic code of the brand was clear and evident. The choice of materials, the use of wood and plexiglass, recurring in all Sahara Roma models, is combined in this bag and then in the others following the clean geometry of the volumes and essential graphics.

All creations are the result of a long creative process with attention to every detail. The bags are first made through a computer design, then the wood and the Plexiglas are cut, engraved and glued through a series of meticulous and refined processes, giving life to a single incredibly smooth and hand-polished layer. The corners free from the closure and the staggered surfaces between one side and the other of the bag become a distinctive sign of the Roman label.

From the round lines of the Moon to the references of the vintage shapes of La Emma to the harmony of the Stone, to name a few, the Sahara Roma bags are the perfect accessory for all those women looking for something really special. An avant-garde rich in experimentation, observation, craftsmanship, culture. A fashion to know, to choose and to wear. Don’t wait: discover Sahara Roma.

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