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Serena Babette: stones, silver, diamonds, meeting of lines and geometric shapes for jewellery that does not flaunt for jewelry that are worn like fragments of life, to keep as intimate reminiscences. Serena Carrossino, young Genoese brand creator, she already breathes for years all that has creativity, working with artists and art galleries. Her jewelry is steeped in sophisticated luxury, never predictable, nestled in contemporary, unexpected forms.

Not just accessories but small works of art made with fragments of emotions. In the collection Serena Babette stands out the silver worked together with more or less precious materials, with worn hands of art and craftsmanship.Connotation Made in Italy. Edgy rings, cracks of time. Guardians of hidden treasures, small blacks diamonds. Necklace from rigid metal mesh, round dance of empty, irregular rectangles. Simple lines interrupted by a symbolism impactful.

Long pendants, charms with perfect interlocking, where the silver meets the primordial beauty of the stone Portoro marble. Reminiscences of past worlds, wrecks already vanquished and fallen empires. Extremely impressive the Broken Ring, worn rings, broken by impulsive movements. Souls eaten, worn out from besieged pain. Choker of marine shells, irregular forms marked by dense veining, reserved whispers.

Zirconia and amethyst flock to popular unusual rounded rectangles, inducing a radiant femininity. Jewels sensory that reveal sentiments, they express joy, anxiety, calm, pain, happiness. Prolongation, extension of being. Meet and clash with life, strongly reflected in the rough and discontinuous processing of creations Serena Babette. Nothing is defined, nothing is forever. The answer to the chaos? To excite and get excited.Per info

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