Simone Tessadori | a brand with an Italian heart

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Its stylistic identity has become clearer year after year, collection after collection. More and more defined. It is stronger.

Simone Tessadori, the women’s clothing brand, created in 2016 by the homonymous founder and designer, has distinguished itself for its high Italian manufacturing. But not only. The study of shapes and the choice of fabrics are an integral part of a lively creative process. Made of research, design, attention to detail but also of lightness, color and femininity.

Simone Tessadori talks about the modern, contemporary woman with her brand. The woman who needs to feel elegant, composed, well dressed but also light. Colored in all its many shades.

With his garments, the young and talented designer creates and expresses a concept of exclusive luxury, attentive to all details. The choice of raw material is never, ever excludes quality. From the design of the model, to the choice of always and only fine fabrics, to the cut, to the tailoring. Everything is meticulously done and taken care of.

The tailoring soul is alive in Simone Tessadori’s brand. The construction of the volumes and the design of the shapes follow the woman’s body, her silhouette, enhancing it.

Elegant and always in the right dress: Simone Tessadori’s woman moves gracefully and elegantly from one garment to another. From cigarette trousers to the romanticism of the maxi skirt, from the blouse with bow to the lace pencil skirt, from the silk shirt to the tailored vest. The Simone Tessadori wardrobe contains iconic items, must-haves, key pieces reinterpreted now with her unique style. The quantity and the standardization give way to unique garments made in full respect of manufacturing and traditions, combined with contemporary taste.

What are you waiting for? Discover the made in Italy beauty of the Simone Tessadori brand.

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