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Sorry, I’m Different | bold look, gritty spirit

Sorry, I’m Different. A memory in the heart, a tattoo on the arm and a philosophy that becomes … a dream, a sign of style! This is the beginning of a story that also speaks of fashion: Sorry, I’m Different. Created by Ilaria Toncelli, the emerging brand is today a collection of sporty chic clothes and accessories, with a fresh and original mood.

T-shirts, casual clothes, bags and much more: Sorry, I’m Different and his gritty character dress a she and a him with an underground and fun spirit. But to understand the concept of this brand so young and innovative we have to jump back and return to that “There are no fears … You are different … Do not let me go without promising you will not try”, the mother’s speech that with the last words she encourages her to pursue her aspirations. After the indelible ink, the writing on the arm “Sorry, I’m different” and many days lived and passed from those speeches maternal, the enterprising designer has decided to give space to her desires and a very personal project.

A brand that would tell and weave its plot. Inspiration, the definitive turning point? The idea and the thrust received, after a journey to discover the world, from her little girl who encourages her to transform the tattoo now fixed on her body in a real brand: Sorry, I’m different. A voice out of the chorus to dress and make people shout out in style all those who are or feel different. To play with the wardrobe, mix and have fun. With creativity.

So Ilaria makes two basic t-shirts with the phrase Sorry, I’m different. The first two of a long series, initially designed for her and her daughter. And then immediately after is t-shirt mania … Friends, friends of friends, followers and … to all the trend effect! Until the first official SevenSins by Sorry, I’m Different capsule, premiered for Pitti Uomo 92 and presented at the Milan fashion week. The seven deadly sins are reproduced on jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts embellished with decorations and refined fabrics, for a made in Italy that really makes the difference. For tomorrow that will do, that will sing with difference. Sorry, I’m Different! For info www.sorry-imdifferent.com

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