SPAZIOiF | between one bag and another, a brand to be discovered!

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A sheet, a pencil and the art of reinventing simplicity. Bags and objects that exceed the dictates of fashion and genre, fleeing and crossing trends in the name of a timeless beauty and in the name of an accessory that should be lived and passed on. This (and not only!) is SPAZIOiF, the “made in Sicily” brand that has its roots in the making of local shops and in the refined forms of design.

Bags and leather accessories that carry in the SPAZIOiF name not only a logo but a way of thinking and designing, distinguished by a minimalist aesthetic designed for wearability. Clean forms interact with a quality material, accompanying the body and dressing it: the SPAZIOiF bags are different from their very conception. The construction handles or the tailoring cuts are designed to make our every move practical and natural.

Creations born in the heart of Palermo, in an atelier filled with fabrics, leather and ideas. It is here that Irene Ferrara, founder, designer and artisan of the brand explores simplicity and draws novelties from it. Unpublished stories that find their beginning, their Once upon a time in matter and a happy ending in exclusive objects. A balance of materials, colors, volumes that are often versatile and multi-functional.

Iconic backpacks modeled as if they were a garment: Tarta-Ruga seems for example a three-dimensional waistcoat, ideal for cycling or riding a motorbike and wearable also as a bag; a “comfortable shell” ready to change with the look and the occasion of use. Or the soft Manta vest / backpack / bag that goes from wrapping your neck to bending and becoming an innovative bag. And then the IN, flat and geometric, or the FRA, which with its two pockets manages to contain everything in its mini format and transform itself from a shoulder bag to a clutch bag and vice versa. Discover SPAZIOiF, just one click!

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