Spendthrift | a uniform of style to march into the future

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Male, with his erect torso, feet firmly on the ground, he explores new boundaries, frees himself while enjoying the imperfect nature of his being. In its new Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Spendthrift tells the story of a man’s evolution.

From 2013, the year in which it was founded, the brand takes steps, steps foward and traces a new path for menswear full of graphics and prints, urban garments with a chic aftertaste. From the iconic t-shirts, large hoodies with illustrations and writings, knitwear with jacard designs up to shirts or long cotton gabardine trench coats lined with wool… each garment in the collection is a page of a story.

Man, in his moral prerogatives and intellectual faculties, the subject of Spendthrift cultivates the treasures of freedom and curiosity, that is how he is discovered and rediscovered. This is the fil rouge that guides the design but above all the one that is reflected in the soul of the brand.

“Spendthrift represents a change, a look to the future, an idea of something different.”

Words can be a weapon of defence or attack, Spendthrift impresses them on its creations as a sort of manifesto. BACK TO THE FUTURE is the pivotal concept and the name of the new drop of the label that captures the history and pays homage to it with an all-Italian manufacture but sets its eyes on tomorrow, on the future.

Evolved and self-aware the Spendthrift alpha man marches with his head held high. The trousers are more austere but the graphics do not lose that touch of irreverence and humor that has always characterized the aesthetics. This is how sparklingly coloured lettering games or camo prints in different lengths, the inevitable maxi pockets and two-tone models come alive. Cargo to mix with cream-coloured tops or to match with short jackets and sweaters of the same pattern to dare with style without fear.

The memories of a journey, the dream of a still unknown destination, the brand speaks of itself, perhaps as a hope for the growth of this reality already consolidated and appreciated by expert eyes. Choose the new street style, find your uniform and fight for your future. Choose Spendthift.

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