Reflection | Inversions of style by Stefano Bidini

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People should not leave looking-glasses hanging in their rooms any more than they should leave open cheque books or letters confessing some hideous crime.

from The Lady in the Looking-Glass by Virginia Woolf

In a modern solitude The Lady in the Looking-Glass looks at herself. She imagines. She changes. She peers. She knows herself. And she recognizes herself. Finding herself. She doesn’t lose herself anymore.

In all its facets, from all its many perspectives. In a game of glances that does not need new spaces: everything is within her, in her room, in her individuality. Same and reflected.

Behind the photographic lens that captures the creations of emerging Made in Italy designers, Stefano Bidini.

Silver drop earrings by Chio Jewelry Design; Khloe mini dress printed by Alessandro De Benedetti; green or black metallic transformable bag Bynight by Beblasé with adjustable metal chain.

Eudokia oversized t-shirt with fringes by Alessandro De Benedetti; Lucia Merlo bag with hand-painted On writing on one side, Off on the other, and removable pearl chain.

Sotis mini printed dress by Alessandro De Benedetti; Beblase convertible bag model Fuchsia Blink Band and python print with removable and adjustable metal shoulder strap; convertible bag Beblase model Bynight fuchsia in metallic and python print with adjustable metal chain.

Agnes midi dress by Alessandro De Benedetti; sunglasses by FABBRICATORINO; silver sneakers Luca Berioli.

Monike oversize t-shirt with fringes by Alessandro De Benedetti; torquoise micro bag by Lucia Merlo; purple Luca Berioli sneakers.

Black turban hat with bow by Yojiro Kake; Electre mini dress by Alessandro De Benedetti; Nirvana white leather convertible bag by Nicole Leon ; sneakers by Luca Berioli.

Poplia printed pants by Alessandro De Benedetti; fishnet sneakers by Luca Berioli.

Kerkyra maxi printed dress by Alessandro De Benedetti; white Lisa bag by Hibourama; leather bracelet with feathers by Lucia Merlo.

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