Stiliana Bellisario | the shirt, between color and tailoring

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The colors, the silk, the prints. Stiliana Bellisario’s creations immediately strike the eye, making themselves noticed and recognized. The classic of the classics, the shirt, becomes the protagonist of a young and emerging brand that has chosen the renowned made in Italy in quality and design.

One product, a whole world. The certainty of an icon that has made and continues to make fashion meets the originality of a fresh, elegant but attentive to comfort brand. The Stiliana Bellisario shirts are in fact designed to be worn every day. A comfortable garment capable of dressing you in many if not all occasions, making your looks always special.

Stiliana Bellisario is the name not only of the brand but also of its creator. As soon as she graduated in Finance in London, Stiliana starts her career at several multinational companies where she has the opportunity to learn economic and business notions. Her creative vein and her determination will lead her to start a new project, her project: this is how her label was born, a brand that thinks about the shirt and a new elegance.

Each piece is made by the hands of expert masters of Italian and specifically Neapolitan tailoring: the research and attention to detail, selected fabrics and materials, silk, the preciousness of the finishes… The classic and the modern mix in Stiliana Bellisario creations.

Think for a woman who wants to express her personality, who is looking for the unique piece, eager to stand out and tired of homologating. From the colors and prints of the art silk shirts that combine with a versatile detail, a small accessory to be used as a belt, scarf or headband, to the preciousness of the shantung or to the mother of pearl buttons and the softness of the Sveva Sateen Silk Shirt. What are you waiting for? Discover and dress the exclusivity of the Stiliana Bellisario.

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