StKreo | the jewel as tailored architecture

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StKreo, a name that brings with it the innovation of a new brand. Stefania Tortella, architect and founder of the jewellery brand that stands out for its experimental approach, combines the right doses of design and craftsmanship by creating refined accessories.

Although her profession leads her to get closer and closer to the world of construction and interior design, Stefania passionately cultivates her interest in fashion and especially for contemporary jewellery: in 2017 her brand was born.

“A tailored architecture”, a creative ensemble of shapes and colours that finds its raw material in leather, the white sheet on which write new stories to wear: with this Stefania creates handmade jewels, with textures and shades of colour painted by herself.

Sustainability is one of the founding concepts of the brand. With a careful eye on the environment, high quality leather is in fact recovered from selected made in Italy cuttings and sustainable production cycles and then transformed into something new, never as precious as now! Enclosed in a contemporary design with clean lines, it lives an inspiration that looks at organic architecture where man, nature and the material itself come together in a harmonious simphony.

From necklaces to bracelets, StKreo accessories stand out. StKreo are the protagonists of the creative project Bijou green in the Altaroma calendar but also of Artistar Jewels 2019 Fall Edition during the very first Milan Jewelry Week.

Great body ornaments that dress the woman reinterpreting the classic concept of the jewel and coloring it with inspiration. In the Texture collection, all hand-painted, the nuances reflect the soul of the contemporary woman and her strong and dynamic versatility: in a movement of lights and colours, emotions inspire and create vibrations. They create StKreo jewels: discover the exclusive pieces of the brand.

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