Susana Madrid | a few inches but lots and lots of style!

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An exotic seduction, full of succulent colours that tempt the throat of every fashion addicted: Susana Madrid breaks down and demolishes the basic construction of low shoes reinventing it in creations by a winking luxury.

Born in the United States of America but raised in Colombia, the talented designer launched the eponymous footwear brand in 2019. From an early age, she holds a pencil in her hand, as if it were a sort of amulet capable of catapulting her into a surreal imagery made of unusual shapes and geometries. She lets her instinct guide her and… and childish sketches are transformed into shapes and designs of unmistakable pieces.

The models are symmetrical constructions with impeccable linearity: the centimetres shorten but the style rises! Each shoe is the result of a courtly workmanship Made in Italy that finally brings flat shoes to reign in the contemporary world. Young and with curious eyes, grainy towards the future, Susana graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design and then continued her studies in Italy, a land of timeless beauty. Once she obtained her Master’s degree in Fashion Design at the Istituto Maragoni with Magna Cum Laude, she began working as a designer for various footwear companies and then…

That impulse, the spontaneous reflex to put on paper what your hands are trembling to touch, to give shape to a pure femininity that bears her name, to give life to her brand. The goliardic opulence of gold rests on gentle and flattering sculptures, the bright colours envelop the shoes of a tropical wind giving life to pieces equal only to themselves. Recurrent in the collections is the use of velvet worked on royal blue, deep bordeaux or the everegreen black, that is how the nuances tell the nobility of provocative silhouettes signed Susana Madrid. Not only low shoes, however, the designer has learned to narrate the female spectrum by combining dizzying heels of ankle boots with slimmer volumes and heights. The exuberance of the brand’s soul blossoms fold after fold in the silk satin used to create floral compositions of bold ankle boots.

“Create empowerment paths through beautiful and unique designs that go beyond aesthetics and have a positive impact on the wearer, artisans, the community and the planet.”

Susana Madrid is synonymous with graceful lust, substance and appearance are both reflected in the dreamlike attractiveness of her design. Not only infinite beauty, sought-after materials and artisan techniques but also a lot of awareness, ethics, social and environmental responsibility sculpted in the volumes of these works of art.

An explosive style reminiscent of hot summer days, the scorching Colombian sun caressing bare skin. And just like that warm July air that tickles your face, Susana Madrid’s shoes caress your foot with infinite courtesy and grace. The curvatures on the instep are a clever ingenuity to make the figure slimmer instantly. Gold finishes, metallic applications, coins, studs; and even handmade embroidery, pearls, feathers are enriched with sassy two-tone combinations and smart carvings on soft nappa leather. Refined but in small doses eccentric designs. Each stitching makes eternal a piece of history on high-end materials: buildings, streets, sunsets, inspiration is always just around the corner and the designer wastes no time immortalizing each subject with her camera.

Inspire, contribute, love, express, create, empower…

Be a woman with the Susana Madrid crations.

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