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Sylvio Giardina Jewelry | between empty and full, between light and color

Sylvio Giardina Jewelry, un'anima che racchiude due identità, due inclinazioni, per l'arte e per la moda. Una dualità percepibile nelle sue creazioni. Scopri di più

Sylvio Giardina Jewelry: complementary duality, segments of the same apple: beauty. In the geometry of unique accessories the charm of a fluid and harmonious inspiration like the bright colors that characterize it. Light but not empty, heavy yes, but of conceptual substance.

Born in Paris, with a solid background in Fashion Designer learned at the Accademia di Costume e Moda and a career at the Gattinoni fashion house in 2011 Sylvio Giardina founded his eponymous label where the dress goes beyond mere utility becoming opera, piece to interpret and not just to wear. Textile experiments have now combined innovative, contemporary as well as artisan accessories, signed by Sylvio Giardina Jewelry.

For Spring – Summer 2018 here is UFO, Unidentified Flying Object in which the photographer Martina Scorcucchi becomes the muse of Sylvio Giardina for the advertising campaign. Giardina turns the pictures dedicated to her into artworks on which he then comes back with crayons, bestowing a surrealist hint to the pop-inspired collection. A harmonious pastiche, which despite contradiction in terms discloses harmony between the parts: the silhouette of the female protagonist overlaps clippings of magazines and vintage newspapers, while the outlines marked by black and the details in pastel colours drawn by the designer enhance the uniqueness of the final result.

The work pays tribute to the fashion illustrated typical of publications such as ʿVanityʾ, a magazine directed in the ’80s by the unforgettable Anna Piaggi, where the contents revolved around the dreamy illustrations of Antonio Lopez. Thus the Jewels of the collection find their ideal position within author fragments suspended between photography and artistic collage. Sylvio Giardina is known for his bold accessories with playful references and for his trailblazing use of plexiglass and brass with galvanic gilding 18K. He has elevated the art form to the level of fine jewelry by focusing on technique and craftsmanship. Incredible handmade jewelry, protagonists of a luminous world where fashion can be both fun and daring.

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