Tags : unconventional classicism.

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With Tags the formal become unconventional and the classic become innovative. Fluid silhouettes, cuts regular, meticulous details and processing precious defining the key stylistic by Tags that, while remaining faithful to timeless elegance, emphasizes a new concept of femininity. A new, independent point of view that emphasizes individuality and shuns stereotypes imposed.

Tags brand was launched in 2009 by Giulia Collina. After studying Industrial Design at the Institute for Industrial Arts in Rome, Giulia Collina, born in the collections of di Les Copains, Antonio Marras, Byblos, La Perla collections which were represented by his father and aunt, founded in 2009 with Tiziana Franceschini and Alessandro Gallarello, EtiquetteLab Srl from which will emerge the project Tags. An innate passion for fashion that comes to life through the unique collections and original tags.

The collection autumn – winter 2015/2016 of the tags comes from an experimental mixture of past and present that creates a futuristic neo-classicism. Pleats, ruffles, coatings on fabrics in shades of minerals and metallic reflections refer you to a fascinating past decontextualized and made it absolutely contemporary. Tags thus presents, once again, a mysterious and sensual collection, versatile and innovative, leaving the possibility of mixing the various garments to create a unique personal style.

For info http://www.tagsroma.com/

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