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We as women unknowingly pursue an idyllic perfection,we look at and study each other in the mirror and try to show the world the best version of ourselves. However, learning to love ourselves unconditionally, in our own strenghts, but above all in our weaknesses, is sometimes an arduous goal to reach. The Al, with its aesthetics, teaches the modern woman the search for perfection in imperfection.

The brand with its bomber jackets, parkas, suits, trench coats, skirts and trousers, fully interprets the expression “to be comfortable in your own skin”. As already mentioned in one of our rendez-vous (refresh your memory here, leather processing is in fact the fulcrum of every brand creation.

The processing techniques are carefully studied to preserve the natural characteristics of the materials used. Every striping, the irregular grain, the plays of light-dark contrast, the raw edges, are not flaws, but synonymous with quality. Leathers are treated with great care to the minimum possible, to enhance their pure beauty.

“I run, I jump, I fly. I land. I mute form. I change skin.”

The leather undergoes a metamorphosis and obtains a timeless modernity transforming itself into thousands of forms. Volumes, cuts, different lines design clean and essential style outfits. A clear example is the hooded down jacket revisited in leather, the midi skirt with a-line and raw-cut edge, the trench coat or the suit that is a sober and at the same time exuberant reinterpretation of the classic tailleur.

The two sisters, founders and designers of The Al, Valentina and Simona, study and plan an aesthetic beauty capable of satisfying the needs of today’s woman, giving life to a versatile, practical and contemporary collection.

To take care of yourself, accept yourself and like yourself more and more every day. The Al dresses an emancipated, genuine She, “with a humorous attitude and effortless elegance.”

The brand chooses an ethical approach in every evolutionary phase of the project, using vegetable-tanned leather and soft nappa.

The colors as well as the textures evoke a natural and timeless palette: the line is rich in petroleum green, olive, brown and the irreplaceable black, which reigns supreme in the wardrobe, but there is no shortage of burgundy, midnight blue and yellow appeal.

Each piece of the collection writes a new page of the made in Italy tradition, reinterpreting its craftsmanship with elegance and freshness.

With the garments of The Al, the signs of aging and small imperfections become synonymous with authenticity and no longer something to hide. Let yourself be guided to the rediscovery of yourself, dress The Al.

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