The B. | modern nymphs dress the luxurious SS 2020

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Federico Barrazzo personifies beauty and art, rereads the story of women and rewrites her character in the fashion world thanks to the new Spring / Summer 2020 collection for his label The B.

Feminine in the long yards of fabric of the skirts, sensual in the meticulous sequins, daring and cheeky in the cuts of the neckline tops that make the gaze sit on the naked back… Not just a dictionary entry of every trend setter, in fact, the American-style neckline animates in the New Year embroidered tops, just apparently chastened because of the decollé that is completely covered without precluding the temptation, the refined seduction that outlines the back of the models.

With undeniable skill and flair, the designer interprets and gives life to women’s desires, dresses them with a glamorous allure without losing the notes of modernity that characterize his muse.

The B.’s universe knows how to preserve that intimate delicacy thanks to soft silhouettes. The contours draw a graceful shape, enveloping the body with sensuality. The most rigid and pungent constructions are archived, the forms soften, the flounces float, the feathers caress the movements. Hyper-feminine pinks, soft oranges with the scent of honey, or the different reinterpretations of lime: these are the hues of the new season.

The maison does not betray itself and uses its new release to pay homage to the centuries-old quality and skill of Italian tailoring. Movement is the key word. The stroke of the pencil designs long-line seams, very long ribbons accompany each step together with slim fringes. The sequins are the master and are the fil rouge of precious creations.

But not only maxi evening dresses: The B. minindresses play with bare shoulders and contrasting sleeves between lightweight ruffles and arms covered in every inch up to the wrist. The female designed by Federico shows off but does not give herself away, whispers provocation without flaunting it, never. The see-through effect runs over the entire collection with care and great wisdom, inebriating without any but and without any ifs. Exposed petticoats and shorts that appear among the shadows and lights of wide black sheer trousers, but not only…

Like modern-day mermaids, the protagonists of this new fashion page hypnotize. Let yourself be seduced and discover all the creations of the new Spring/Summer 2020 collection by The B.

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