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Hollywood has already proclaimed its winners at the 2020 Oscars but we want to take a dive into the past. Its red carpet has given us the most acclaimed and criticized moments of style for 92 editions: Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Meryl Streep have taught us what it really means to be a Diva. But now it’s up to you to be the undisputed muse of timeless style with our The Look Retro!

From the most sought-after catwalks to those long (exaggeratedly long) metres of red carpet walked by the most talked about celebrities of the moment, fashion is constantly inventing and reinventing itself, the trends of long distant eras become an imperative of the contemporary and we dear friends,we are ready to guide you between chiffon rouches and mom jeans. Ah, the nostalgia!

Whether it’s a real vintage garment kept in the attic by your mother or the bag of an emerging brand with an antique allure, the retro style is back and it doesn’t seem willing to leave us that quickly (luckily for us)!

Therefore welcome dear bell-shaped trousers, clear powder pink, iconic padded shoulders and the indispensable touch of rouge à levres… A tribute to timeless charm, glamorous beauty with tailored lines … of old times!

The historic scenographies of the big screen give space to the metropolitan streets because elegance now walks through the city with today’s divas, with you! The beauty of those great women admired since the TV was black and white, the velvet, the minimal cuts, the femininity that is provocative in the heel and docile in the garment…

Just as with Kharma, everything comes back around in fashion (but only with those sweet happy endings… fashion I mean): thus the 70s and 90s, the flattering silhouettes of blazers and jumpsuits or the bohemian spirit of wide long dresses claim their place in the front row of the wardrobe. Movie stars? No, nor the unforgettable Dreamgirls, but modern women who make good taste their specialty.

If you see yourself in this identikit, well, here’s our guide, our exclusive top 6 with the clothes and accessories you can’t absolutely miss to complete your The Look Retro. New creations that have a vintage flavour, retro style creations that wink at the contemporary of our days.

The Look Retrò: geometric Ophélie Skirt by Chiara Perrot


Geometric Squarish Top – Yojiro Kake

White, with a crystalline sheen, Yojiro Kake’s top is a hymn to a femininity that is laid out in movement and poise. The balloon sleeves recall a beauty of yesteryear, but the asymmetries, the clean cuts on the back and the square neck extol a modern confidence.

The Look Retrò: wide Ophélie Skirt


Wide Ophélie Skirt – Chiara Perrot

Chiara Perrot’s creation is a wearable work of art. The skirt, rigorously hand painted, falls on the body and embraces the feminine curves with softness. To have all eyes on you in an evening whose dress code orders sophistication or to surprise in a daytime look. The silhouette and high waist tell the story of a glamorous and… a real diva.

The Look Retro: spacious Selene Pink Bag


Spacious Selene Pink Bag – Villa Trentuno

A touch of antique pink to liven up our black & white look with elegance. Delicate and clean constructions, thin and minimal cuts, maxi volumes and guaranteed capacity. The Villa Trentuno clutch bag is the necessary note to complete a slightly… retro melody!

The Look Retro: turban Black & White Naturside


Turban Black & White Naturside – Mhudi

White and black are court each other and are blended between the folds of precious fabrics worked exclusively in Italy. Protagonist of the most affable looks of recent decades, the turban is an accessory that gives character, describes a confident woman, a woman who likes and smells of pleasure. The proposal signed Mhudi combines vintage romance with a contemporary spirit.

The Look Retro: delicate Fantasy Single Earring


Delicate Fantasy Single Earring Vu Elle Jewels

The shapes, the nuances, the delicacy of handmade… all of Vu Elle Jewels’ mono earring speaks of a retro femininity. The pearl, of a limpid white, is an undisputed symbol of tradition, of past eras of which we should all preserve the austere charm while the circle, precise and enveloping, tells a frank modernity.

The Look Retro: classic A-Snake 55 Kitten Heel Pump


Classic A-Snake 55 Kitten Heel Pump Les Jeux du Marquis

The centimetres are halved, the leather meets unconventional materials and the timeless silhouette of the décolletées comes alive with a sensual and fiery design. Female: the shoe of Les Jeux Du Marquis dresses a passionate and avant-garde woman, classic and elegant at the same time, humble and arrogant. Games of full and empty, black and white tell a contemporary retro style.

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