Tiziano Guardini | the natural evolution of luxury.

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Tiziano Guardini, winner of the Franca Sozzani GCC Award in September 2017 and of the Peta Couture Award in October of the same year, never ceases to amaze for innovation and creativity. His is a fashion that is friendly with the environment, recycling and sustainability. Pine needles that become clothes, abandoned nets that are transformed into nylon fabrics to be used, Gandhi silk obtained without killing the worms with cocoons collected only when the butterflies naturally abandon them. All this and not only is Tiziano Guardini, all this and not only is the “Stylist of Nature”.

Born in the ’80s in Rome, after a course of study in Economics he decided to follow his passion by enrolling in the Fashion Design course at the Accademia Koefia and specializing with the master product manager.

“Ecosustainability is the ability to perceive the sacredness of life”.

Many collaborations with ateliers, style offices and events: the famous pine needle jacket to participate in the limited / unlimited 2012 edition, some of his creations exhibited at the MAT with the exhibition The artisan seduction, the launch of his accessories collection at the WHITE Trade Show in Milan in 2013.

The clothes are real works of art exhibited at the Royal Albert Hall in 2013, present on occasions like Fashion For Forest and Forest for Fashion where Tiziano Guardini was a guest in 2014 invited to the United Nations of Geneva next to the great master Michelangelo Pistoletto or to the exhibition The elegance of food- Tales about food and fashion at the Museum of the Markets of Trajan in Rome with a sculpture to be worn from the roots of licorice.

ECOuture. Respect and experimentation. In short, this is Tiziano Guardini’s philosophy. A brand that has always been interested in research in all his forms – the searching for materials, productions, forms and contents. An ethical and esthetical research.

A new way of conceiving couture, which skilfully mixes craftmanship and innovation.

The inspiration of Tiziano Guardini is unique and special like all the clothes that bear his signature. Creation for him starts from the beginning, from the fabric in which the very soul of his projects is often hidden. Philosophy, the concept, the heart. And after having appeared in the 2016 Ethical Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week, winning the Beijing Bronze Hempel Award, being present with three pieces at Chelsea Market in New York, he was decreed in 2017 as the best designer and winner of the Franca Sozzani GCC Award from a jury of experts and industry experts enchanted by the skill of Tiziano who has managed with art and imagination to transform shells and discards discarded into high fashion embroidery. A conscious, intelligent, seductive fashion.

Nature as a starting and ending point keeps all its characteristics intact, turning into a luxury and modern product that is impalpable and tactile at the same time. The natural evolution of luxury. For info tizianoguardini.com

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