Tommy Mikino : on the trail of a sophisticated streetwear!

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Tommy Mikino is a young brand, cheeky and ironic that intrigues us for his particular history.Tommy Mikino is a cunning rabbit filibuster born from the imagination of the architect Carlotta Medas. A relationship dramatically interrupted by the sudden escape of this unmanageable and rebellious personage. After a long hiding the cunning rabbit was identified by the designer Luigino Cardinali but he vanished again without a trace. The collaboration between the two creative produced the Wanted line to promote the capture!

Creators of the  Tommy Mikino’s brand are Carlotta Medas, eclectic woman originally from Milan, architect, Graphic Designer, food bloggers,  and Luigino Cardinali, born in Fermo,  Footwear Designer with important experiences in prestigious internationally renowned brand. From the designers’ imagination takes shape through a line of shoes, the concept of audacious shameless irony.

The launch of Tommy Mikino is done with the Wanted sneakers line. Streetwear style enhanced by sophisticated details, quality materials and a production entirely Made in Italy. The emphasis is on the red color that characterizes in detail the entire collection. Different models, both for men and women: high or low, with printed fabric or with fluorescent embroidery that glow in the dark, Tommy Mikino shoes are instantly recognizable by representing, through the rabbit Tommy Mikino, a playful story told with grit and sought humor.

A line that revolves around three colors: white, black and red. bold colors that convey the determination and character for a sporty style but at the same time sophisticated and sought after … … just exactly like rabbit Tommy Mikino !!! And what model you choose?


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