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Vagamè: from an idea, a thousand. A thousand ways of being. To transform whenever you like. Nothing needle or wire but only a strong desire to stand out, emerge. Magnets, ingenious inserts… and voilà. The game is done. Another suit is born: from the same article pants, jumpsuit and so on and so forth. From casual to elegant, passing only by the imagination. To pull out of the hat the right dress, the dress that suits you.

Spoleto is the creative candle of this emerging but already recognizable brand, born in 2013 from the passion of two sisters. Four hands, four eyes, one heart: Vagamè. The background of Pamela Agostini, relevant to the world of fashion, fits perfectly with the scientific culture of Federica Agostini, degree in Banking and Economics Sciences, creative an explosive mix, where the only fuse is creativity. Betting everything on themselves, validated by a large dose of talent and driven by a strong desire of achievement, build their vision of fashion, intimate.

Original and unobtainable fabrics become the basis for performing textile architectures, working in progress. Each dress evolves, changing to another, changing state, shape, liquidity. Natural textures are combined with artificial one experimenting and researching the best fit. Monochrome pieces alternate with romantic prints; the eye is draw into a game made of an original fashion, timeless, where the brand is surpassed by its own versatility.

The craftsmanship and knowledge triumph in this nest all Made in Italy, where fashion fades, goes beyond the boundaries of the uniqueness of the art. It was the Movida model to mark the beginning of this story, the new way of thinking and creating. One piece to have a vest, a skirt, a blouse, a dress and much more. To be ready for any eventually, every occasion of use. Adaptable and multifunctional, as fast as the tight urban rhythm.

So Aikido can be an elegant suit complete with a bow as a practical cardigan, Tricky a sporty hoodie or maxi dress. And not only. The Jappo style is sewn in volumes designed, clever geometry capable of creating brilliant optical effects, extending and streamlining the figure. Vagamè: the experience of dressing, the art of creating. For info

Giulia Fucile

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