Valentine’s Day | fashion goes straight to the heart!

on February 8, 2020 by Giulia Fucile Leave your thoughts

A date with love and…and fashion. The countdown has started and Valentine’s Day is coming. Among gifts to give to others (and to yourself!), don’t forget to pamper your style and choose your perfect outfit to celebrate with class the sweetest day of the year with those you love. Including yourself.

Conquest-proof looks, jewels that promise eternity, garments that send messages and declare feelings. If you are looking for romantic ideas to wrap or simply wear, read on and find out what we have selected for you and your +1! Whoever it is.

Love and fashion: what can I say … a perfect couple! From the playful and feminine bracelets with gold-plated brass lettering by May Moma, to the heart-pouching Lovely Baloons bag by Annalisa Caricato, up to the maxi hat mouth of  Ilariusss, there is certainly no lack of affinities between the two.

Valentine’s Day, however, is not only the fateful day to celebrate long-lasting alchemy and relationships, but also the right opportunity to step forward, get involved and confess the most secret feelings. How? Enhance your revelation with the exclusive jewels of Acchitto or literally declare your love with the soft turtleneck sweater with golden metal buttons by Violante Nessi. For a love at first sight and style!

Have fun shuffling cards and wardrobes!! A couple in life and looks with the Spenfthrift 100% Made in Italy jacard sweater, the harness and the original Maison Dressage pieces or the shapes and colors of Rewop glasses, the right accessory to conquer at first glance.

It is said that love makes us fragile (so why not show off the Apnoea t-shirt) but also that love wins over everything. And… let’s face it, whether it belongs to you or not romanticism is just like that. Genres, physiognomies, languages and colours. Boundaries disappear, differences cancel each other out and mistrust finally fades away. Made with the heart by Ob-Fashion!

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