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Strictness and a lot, oh so much self-irony seek each other, pursue each other, they chase each other, and finally they touch, gently merging into each other in the design of Veronica Parwin’s bags.

An iconic silhouette, classic, with the flavour of the good old times, it reinvents itself in delicious nuances that hide a gritty, obstinate soul: timeless charm and the exuberance of our days, of contemporaneity … this is Veronica Parwin!

Soft, almost velvety to the touch, the leather folds and shapes itself into rigid forms with severe cuts but the dimensions remain docile and modest. An accommodating handbag to dress office suits or to accompany evening dresses with elegance; in any case one thing is certain, Veronica Parwin’s bags know how to conquer, from those who flaunt and sport a pretentious and thoughtful taste to the one who sees in the accessory the cheeky note of the outfit with which to play and dare.

Without brakes but with a meticulous balance, the aesthetic of the brand debuts combinations of risky colors without hesitation, without, shyness but it enchants, amazes…

The prestige of the calfskin leather is enhanced by the sumptuous embroideries typical of the brand, and yet extended handles, removable golden chains and the logo: it changes color, is framed by pop hues but it remains, undeniable, the essence of Veronica Parwin.

Milan: its architecture, its style, its refinement, its nuances, its frenzy, everything of the Milanese center is told in the lines of the brand’s creations. Impeccable, edged constructions that with inspiration reign supreme in bubbly shocking pink and orange, deep blues and shiny purples, and then the candid turquoise and the infallible white.

The Ambrogina collection, inspired by the designer’s hometown, speaks of a woman devoted to herself, who loves to be liked but above all that loves to like herself; it speaks of a compelling femininity, self-confident, without any restraint, genuine as the materials used in the production of its models.

A praise to beauty but above all to craftsmanship: every article signed by Veronica Parwin is expertly handmade by professionals in the sector in Italy, where quality and luxury are given off.

Seductive and sophisticated, at times irreverent: the brand’s design translates eloquently a modern style but attentive to tradition. Discover the new Veronica Parwin bags.

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