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Nostalgia and simplicity embrace eachother and are carefully guarded in the precious design of Vintouch: contemporary jewels that stand out for their vintage touch.

The stylistic identity of the brand dips its roots into history and from there it starts again, from the past. With traditional processing techniques and a particular attention to detail, just like it used to be, the delicate aesthetic of Vintouch passes on the legacy of an ancient art that still has much to reveal.

The important volumes of the models, enclosed between thin lines, hide with charme hours and hours of research and production. The manufacture rigorously made in Italy is the fulcrum of the creations signed by the designer Alessandro Ricevuto. Each stone has the flavor and colors of its land: Torre del Greco.

Great classics like the cameo are reinterpreted in the Vintouch key! Rough and alternative materials are conceived in wearable, lustful sculptures, which capture the beauty of a fleeting moment and make it eternal in the novelized contours of the brand’s jewels.

True crown jewels, the maison’s accessories embellish with a timeless elegance.

The cameo, as thought by Vintouch, it is a graceful flower bud in which reigns the harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. Matter and inspirations are molded together between the hands of expert craftsmen, creating majestic plays of solids and voids. Impeccable engravings are applied to ceramics obtained from non-conventional materials, such as natural mineral oxides: a thorough selection and an ethical approach guide every phase of the supply process and realization.

Colored and hard pebbles and precious stones combine with natural gems, pearls, gold and silver. Perfect asymmetries and irregularities come to life …

“I want to celebrate the inner refinement that stands in every woman & I hope my designs give you the confidence to shout it out loud, everyday”.

A childhood passed seeing art in the workshop of the father, the jewelery chose him and Alessandro did not wait. That is how the designer and creator of the brand, founded in 2015, adorn with charm the woman who dictates the rules, does not follow them!

Reinvented cult jewels challenge the passing of time. France, the United Kingdom, the United States and even the Japanese taste: Vintouch is an Italian handicraft without boundries.

Let yourself be enchanted by a vintage allure and enrich your jewelry box with an exceptional ensemble. Discover the Vintouch jewels.

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