White Women’s Collections + Accessories: creative oxygen!

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White Women’s Collections + Accessories: here we are again at the steady appointment of the important exhibition sponsored by the City of Milan that returns from 20 to 23 February 2020 to give creative oxygen to the city of Italian fashion par excellence and in particular to the Tortona Fashion District. Not just any edition, but a junction, a fundamental turning point that shows a consistent growth both for the data and for the various sections inaugurated. Thanks to the continuous research and assiduous support for young talents, a real scouting, which puts buyers in front of an always active updating of trends and avant-garde.

Surpassing any expectation, White Women’s Collections today comes alive with over 500 exhibitors, thus representing a leading reality for fashion and beyond. Culture, events, design. The lights are turned on and propagate on new excellences, focusing on different systems, futuristic perspectives. Made in Italy is integrated with internationality with spaces specifically designed for foreign names such as Maison Artc, special guest of the event. The fashion house of Moroccan origins will tell its story with a special installation, a message, a request for sustainability and inclusion.

Among new fabrics and geometries the knitwear heritage finds its home this year in White Milano with a dedicated section Focus on: all around knitwear. The most precious cashmere reinterpreted by the contemporary and modern design of new fashion houses or by the craftsmanship techniques of the fashion houses that have made history.

Reconciling environmental sustainability and design: this debate has animated the last years of the decade and in 2020 White will be the spokesperson for a greener fashion! Fashion For Planet, the initiative born from the synergy with Camera Buyer Italia and the Spinnaker boutique that will offer ten designers, whose creations stand out for sustainable innovation, the opportunity to display their creations in the Spinnaker store itself. To continue a (green) conversation that must not be interrupted…

White Milano continues to give a voice to young people, to emerging brands capable of finding the right balance between praiseworthy tradition and revolutionary experimentation. To mark paths still unknown. The history of Made in Italy writes a new chapter with the captivating elegance of Vu Elle Jewels that works gold, silver and pearls to create timeless accessories; the purity set in the jewels of Ab-ove that carefully preserves authentic Italian craftsmanship; the playful design of Rov that conceives luxury sneakers with a minimalist soul; the leather constructions of Melip bags that blend rigor and softness in their silhouette. The new brands of the fashion system at White Milano will include Agarw-Ud, Alexandra Alberta Chiolo, Bimor Italy, Febe Milano, Hanami D’or and Virginia Bizzi.

The new edition of White Women’s Collections will be a meeting between aesthetics, new visions and the quality of different labels ready to set the new trends of the season with their proposals for women’s fashion and accessories. Find out more on www.whiteshow.com

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