WSM FASHION REBOOT | the unveiling of a new era

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An ecological look at fashion, a roll call, an invitation or rather a duty. The fast pace of Milan Fashion Week men’s fashion is marked by an event to be discovered, on January 11th the WSM Fashion Reboot will come to life.

Two days in the name of environmentalism and circular economy will follow thanks to a dense set of activities that will entertain a varied audience hosted at Base Milano, right in the heart of the Tortona district. On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January the city will be the protagonist of the first act of an unmissable show.

2020 was recently inaugurated but Matteo Ward, curator of the WSM, wasted no time in making those who breathe fashion live a schedule aimed at progress, at the preservation of the beauty of our land, at the teaching of responsible consumerism.

A whole new drawig that brings to the stage young faces and voices as well as well-established sector figures. The WSM Fashion Reboot is the first event dedicated exclusively to the promotion of sustainable innovation in fashion and design. Artists, speakears, emerging designers, prestigious fashion houses, buyers and other distinguished people are called to give support to a theme that wants to be included in the setting agenda of all of us, in front of an audience of insiders and curious aesthetes.

Key topics will include the discussion of the bond between fashion and water, fashion and chemicals, fashion and fossil fuels, fashion and waste management. The intense programming is made of meetings, presentations, talks, installations, roundtables, the exhibition curated by the Ferragamo Foundation and numerous workshops.

The ambition and confidence in a greener tomorrow have guided White in the arduous task of transforming and electing Milan the city of circular and sustainable fashion par excellence. The challenge was enthusiastically welcomed and with the support of the Camera Nazionale della Moda, the Confartigianato Impreseand Camera Buyer Italia, the Patrocinio of the Milan municipality, the partnership established with Mise and Agenzia-ICE, an all-round winning synergy has been created, named after WSM Fashion Reboot.

A heterogeneous project that will involve historical fashion names as well as on the rise interpreters of fashion, among them will be present:Yekaterina Ivankova, Tiziano Guardini, Fili Pari, Bav Tailor, Gilberto Calzolari, Orange Fiber, Vanta Studo Design, Silvia Giovanardi e Zerobarracento.

To celebrate culture and sustainability, but above all the bridge that can, indeed must exist between the two; this is WSM Fashion Reboot. A must-see event, free for the public after registration. Social innovation and increased awareness. For info and contacts, see the official websitee

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