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Yekaterina Ivankova is a name that in recent years has entered with fervor and enthusiasm in the fashion world. The designer in 2017 has indeed transformed her greedy thirst and passion for fashion in a winning reality.

Her homonym brand, Yekaterina Ivankova, dresses a woman with an ardent ambition, a modern woman who knows how to keep up with the chaotic frenzy of everyday life.

Born in Kazakhstan, the designer feeds herself with the most dissimilar cultural contexts, her own style reflects a curious gaze and her desire to know has no boundaries. A trip. A mosaic that reflects the colors of her hometown but takes shape in Italy thanks to the skilled hands of local artisans. Her Kazakh origins and her attraction to the charm of Central Asia, land of a thousand seductions, give birth to a unique stylistic code and expressiveness that suits she who walks the streets of the city with solemn and decisive steps.

Yekaterina with her baggage full of hopes, Kazakh customs and traditions soon moved to Italy where she trained professionally. Her dynamic and rewarding journey started at the Milan Istituto di Moda Burgo, eexperience that brought her closer to the world of accessories and stage costumes. In the following years she was able to cultivate and refine her talent in the prestigious Florence Polimoda specializing in Fashion Design in 2013. In her artistic vision the internship carried out at Cavalleria Toscana will be fundamental, a place that allowed her to appreciate the highly specialized manufacture typical of Italian workshops. Her distinguished design has achieved several acknowledgments and awards over time.

The evocation of Italian elegance and renowned tailoring is hidden in the modern and resolute spirit of the designer’s eco-friendly garments. From an early age she became infatuated with contemporary art and developed an innate empathy for handmade creations.The Ikat fabric in particular captures her attention. It is a recurring element in her peculiar aesthetic and perception of fashion. Ikat is an ancient process that exudes tradition and sacredness, it consists of a yarn dyeing technique that animates typical designs with bright colors.

Thus contrasts, clever choices of color and prints give life to the Yekaterina Ivankova style. Her line denotes a profound sensitivity told above all by the choice of conceiving a wearable sustainability and producing reworked garments. Denim is certainly one of the protagonists, reinterpreted and mixed with different pieces and textures: from the tailoring of the trench coat to the street character of minis and shirts that wink at the 90s, the famous blue canvas lives with the designer a new life. But the research and creation of this talented designer certainly does not stop there. Funny, almost irreverent T-shirts mix together sport and femininity, tones, concepts and inspirations in one single exclusive identity.

With Yekaterina Ivankova, elegance changes shape, evolving into a journey of stories and colors all to be worn: discover the collection!

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