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Yojiro Kake was a great discovery for us, one of those brands that made us fall in love at first sight, and at first dress! We met its homonymous founder Yojiro Kale a few months ago and ever since he’s never left our list of our top favourite emerging made-in-Italy brands.

Japanese, class of 1983 and graduate of an excellent training course at the Polimoda, in Florence, he’s immediately distinguishable for his inspiration. And his garments? A true explosive mix of Art, design and creativity. Yojiro Kake, now based in Pistoia, makes origami through whose three-dimensional effect created the distinctive figure of the brand.

Fashion and origami: it seems incredible, yet really the designer just uses typical Japanese techniques parting from the same paper pattern, using these to play with structure and overlay textiles.

A must-have like the shirt immediately becomes a fresh, exclusive garment within the collections signed by Yojiro Kake, wherein attention to detail never goes forgotten. Collars, sleeves, cuts, ribbons… everything has that tailored touch, but is so incredibly contemporary at the same time. Just as demonstrated also in his artistic hats, shoulder pads, or the dresses and skirts that conquer forms and constructs wide, novel volumes. Femininity is composed, sophisticated and never arrogant. Unique.

In Yojiro Kake’s creations the East and the West aren’t so far apart. In fact, they even meet. In his collections one can touch all the traditions of Japan, the designer’s homeland, just as much as the historical beauty and hand manufacturing of Italy, his second home. Every garment is handmade in Italy, produced in Tuscany from selected materials of the highest quality. Yojiro rethinks and re-designs the culture, in 3D effect! Reborn textiles, love for collars, care and detail dedicated to the shoulders and sleeves: inspiration comes from Art and history, which accommodate themselves in unique pieces that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. Take a glance here and choose your new Yojiro Kake look!

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