YouareU | the shirt… without buttons!

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Who among you has ever thought that the shirt is a nice garment but after all not so immediately practical? The row of buttons especially in the morning seems endless and sometimes in a hurry we leave the shirt in the closet and give up, changing our look directly. This up to the Neapolitan brand YouareU, born in 2013, which has a surprising solution with patented study and ingenuity, without betraying the tailoring of one of the must-haves of men’s and women’s clothing.

YouareU leaves the buttons in the drawer and uses a completely new closure system for its Made in Italy men’s and women’s shirts… magnetic! Salvatore Fonzo and his wife Liliya have reinvented this garment by mixing practicality and elegance. Just pull the two flaps together and voila the shirt closes in a few clips.

The magnetic closure, patented system like M-shirt (Magnetic shirt), is smart and removable, ideal for promoting perfect washing and ironing. But not only. The removable magnets included in the package are multifunctional and turn into fun and colorful bracelets. Everything is studied in detail, in the smallest detail.

The beauty of the shirt is not lost in YouareU but rather uses a new feature that looks to the future and comfort. The 100% made in Italy label creates exclusive pieces designed for who loves to stand out by wearing refined creations. This brand has managed to emerge with its creations by finding the right balance between experimentation, avant-garde and typically Italian style. A smart, fun and innovative casual chic made from refined fabrics and a contemporary design. The shirts are hand-sewn by hand by Neapolitan tailors. Flakes, transparencies, new volumes make the women’s collection a universe of shirts to discover and wear immediately. A renewed femininity, which sews beauty and high quality into a shirt. Don’t wait: choose your YouareU!

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