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Zerobarracento: 0% waste, 100% sustainable. Two numbers, one name. That of the emerging brand founded by the intuitive and talented designer Camilla Carrara. A brand that leads to reflection, to a change of clothes and thoughts.

Zerobarracento summarizes this combination in its project, interpreting it with its own style. No gender classification but clean and essential lines for its outerwear that fits perfectly. The Italian manufacture meets a careful study of form and matter, which removes the superfluous and gives value to simplicity.

A young example of a circular economy, which uses only certified materials embracing a traceable and sustainable supply chain from start to finish. Zerobarracento thinks a product by not creating waste, there are no waste such as hinges, hooks or eyelets, only a few seams. The models are in fact developed on the basis of the Zero Waste technique, which eliminates textile waste during the design phase and helps to reduce the use of natural resources.

Camilla did not ride the wave of the trend, which today sometimes masks activities that in sustainability do not even have an echo; rather, it has been able to grasp the urgent need for change before others. An optimization of the production process, a fashion that always and only chooses the green color.

As a careful observer, during her thesis in Fashion Design at the “Politecnico di Milano”, she starts to do research, to study sustainability, to continue her training in Berlin and to deepen with a Master’s degree dedicated precisely to this theme. It is here that he learns the Zero Waste technique.

The outerwear becomes the only protagonist of its collections, declined in several models, all free from the genre and versatile in the occasions of use. Oversized volumes and a fit not tightened by zippers or buttons facilitate wearability for both men and women, like the colors that opt for dark shades.

The research of materials is one of the main activities of the brand that uses Re.Verso wool, developed in the Prato district by five companies, and organic wool for its autumn-winter 2020-21 collection; while cupro, “vegetable silk” is used for the lining.

Discover the sustainable and genderless creations of Zerobarracento!

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