Cruelty free fashion: this is Adelaide Carta's appeal. The designer has created a universe that chases good taste and sustainability, and continues to live up to her promises with the brand's new creations.

Inspiration and raw material: the cork, yes he himself, does not abandon Adelaide Carta, but transform itself in her hands yet again. Her expressiveness finds maximum fulfillment in the lines of the bags designed for the new season. Smart constructions and accommodating colors are sought after and combined to create fanciful but above all functional models. A versatility that has a fresh scent, the colors of autumn and the streaks of such a docile material.

Bag by Adelaide Carta
Shopper bag by Adelaide Carta

The jaunty and innate beauty of our beloved mother Earth meets the study, the methodology, the technique and ... Adelaide C. comes to life.

Eco-friendly bags capable of sensitively capturing the enchantment of simple things, of the things that surround us, bags that elegantly convey a message more powerful than the accessory itself: let's save the environment, let's take care of nature and preserve it as it was gifted to us.

The new models are characterized by versatile multi-functionality and sustained volumes: for example, stands out the curated Cork-tex Monik handbag, which thanks to its structure and its accessories allows it to be carried as a handbag, shoulder bag, clutch or even to be worn as a fannypack. The elements fit together into one decomposable bag. An exclusive masterpiece that never ceases to surprise, layer by layer reinvents itself.

Adelaide C. with its latest proposals in addition to cork, the brand's distinctive character, uses pineapple leaves for the conception of an unseen and winning material composition.

Between shopper bags and mini bags the essence and philosophy of the brand are not lost, rather they are enriched by unexpected mix of colors and patterns.

Bag by Adelaide Carta
Card-holder by Adelaide Carta

Adelaide C. extends its line to refined wallets and neat card-holders to create endless combinations and to guarantee to the woman of today an unmistakable style. Don't wait any longer and discover the new creations of Adelaide C.