Back to Black . The color non-color par excellence is back, or perhaps no one has ever gone ... Seductive if in lace, with a rock soul in leather, bon ton on a retro dress, black is always the best choice to make. And if you open the wardrobe you see nothing but a dark mass, no fear, follow our "style lines" because we are totally Back to Black! You know, the little black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey unsurpassed in Breakfast at Tiffany's will remain forever in the hearts of all, but now it is time to ... new trends!Unpublished is the black proposed by the very young brand Act n°1 where maxi lengths and fluid fabrics draw a dark but at the same time gentle woman. Minimalism in the pure state of Sartorial Monk with a total black that defies the avant-garde, volumes that anticipate tomorrow, impeccable fabrics. The femininity wrapped in the long down-dress signed by Greta Boldini, is delicate, very original in the overcoat covered with fringes. And also accessories are colored with black.MuSté Studios proposes geometric clutch bags in exclusive dark leather, which, like the trend of the moment, are enriched with absolutely charming chains and glow. "Open Eyes" for the fun and precious Gedebe creations, triumph of stones, gold and contemporary elegance, to alternate with the romantic works of Andrea Mondin, with satin and gorgeous ornaments.True luxury for Lodovico Zordanazzo where black becomes reptile and stratospheric heels. Go unnoticed? ... impossible! There are those who do all in and who ... all black! Also for accessories explodes Back to Black. Jilavie's contemporary leather and jewelery sculptures, the most sought-after and entirely handcrafted Creazioni Zuri.If you're always hunting for the most unbeatable piece 23è is just the brand that's right for you: recovered materials, raffia and even onion feathers give birth to hats and necklaces, real experimental ideas. And for a real diva look 2.0 don' t forget Pawaka glasses: for a mysterious allure and a charm ... in black!