IINDACO is passion, is color, is awareness. It is the courage to make style a container of messages and values. To follow, step by step. A contemporary and daily challenge that leads the emerging made in Italy shoe brand, selected as a finalist of the prestigious Who Is On Next?2020 scouting project, to establish itself among the new labels of Italian fashion.

Design, art, culture, craftsmanship, a lifestyle: all this and more is IINDACO. Designed and created for women who are attentive to details and eager to stand out through a unique accessory every day, shoes are the product of an eco-sustainable brand in all its parts and phases: from design to construction, from conception to disposal. A conscious luxury that looks to the future with attention and responsibility.

iindaco orange pumps
model wears iindaco orange pumps

There are two founders of the brand, Domitilla Rapisardi and Pamela Costantini, two like the ii of IINDACO: two special friends, very different but in harmony with each other, with decades of experience in fashion, both born in the eleventh month of the year, November, referred to in the brand name with the double i. In that blue hour, at that moment when the evening is about to become night, to be colored with indigo, women come out of their hectic routine and begin to confront each other, to tell each other.

IINDACO shoes are designed in their models to face the days on the right foot. Style and femininity combine with the comfort of a shoe designed to be worn every day. An everyday elegance and made in Italy, where design is linked in the same shape or better in the same shoe to sustainability: the materials, fabrics and leathers come from the circular economy, derived from stocks and waste from the food industry, heels are recycled and recyclable.

iindaco lace-up ankle boots
powder blue boots of the iindaco brand

IINDACO are always in step with the occasions and with the times, reinterpreting the great must-haves of footwear with their own style, inspired by rationalist architecture and its shapes with geometric heels and strong lines.

Boots that fit over the knee, the décolleté, the laced ankle boot, the mules sandal with heel. Traditions and craftsmanship are mixed with the awareness of ethical fashion, with an exclusive and contemporary taste: shoes designed for women looking not only for an elegant product to wear but for a lifestyle to run with them every day. Discover the IINDACO collections.

iindaco heeled mules sandals
iindaco mules sandals with geometric heel